01 Jul

That doesn't appear to be the most protective zombie slaying wardrobe.

Onechanbara: Zombie Bikini Squad, a Cheesecake hack and slash affair released Xbox 360 back in ’09 (and spun off an ’05 PS2 title), looks to be getting a sequel. Onechanbara 2 was listed among the soon-to-be-released games of UK retailer Play.com’s archives (since removed). The site has the sequel launching sometime in February of next year. No official word has been passed down the grapevine yet, but Elder Geek does have correspondence pending with D3, publisher of Zombie Bikini Squad.

Via Eurogamer

4 thoughts on “‘Onechanbara’ Getting a Sequel?”

  1. This gets a sequel, yet Beyond Good & Evil and Psychonauts are having a hard time getting funding? Something is wrong here.

    1. Hey, Onechanbara is a Japanese developed, not a U.S. or French developed game. I know it is bad, but there is strong talk of BG&E2 being worked on over at Ubisoft, but the project is on hold at the moment. Show support for BG&E buy buying the HD remakes (just makes it look like the PC game) on the consoles, and/or buying the game on Steam or GoG.

      1. Hell, you don’t even need to buy it to show your support for a prospective sequel. Just buy them because they are awesome games. Get gift copies to bring friends around to see the light!

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