19 Jul

An unconfirmed report out of the Quarter Bin, this week’s Comic Con will play host to the reveal of an “Ultimate” edition of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In the report’s favor, a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 panel is scheduled for Saturday, at which the game’s producer – Ryota Niitsuma – will share some details about the game’s future. Marvel is hosting its own panel at the event to discuss its various video game properties, and “some exciting new details about the future of Marvel vs. Capcom 3” have already been confirmed. Neither publisher has confirmed the report.

Think this’ll happen, EGs? What would you want out of an “Ultimate” edition here? Give us your bonus content ideas below!

One thought on “Rumor: “Ultimate” Version of ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ to be Revealed at Comic Con?”

  1. Sure it could happen, it is Capcom. Capcom charges people for crappy DLC, and DLC that is locked on the disk. This new version will probably have a couple of characters, shadow battles (most you have to pay for), and maybe some costumes.

    Wish Capcom didn’t charge for said things, but they do.

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