19 Jul

Blow your conch horns and strap on your armor and samurai swords because strategy-giant Paradox Interactive is taking players back to the Land of the Rising Sun in Sengoku. Players will take part in the epic battle for the unification of Feudal Japan, ultimately becoming Shogun, the supreme authority over the land.

Characteristic of Paradox grand strategy titles, players will be able to control one of many noble clans in existence during the period. As you expand your influence through an intricate system of diplomacy and assassination by ninja mercenaries, you will be able raise armies throughout your various provinces and unleash them upon your enemies in a struggle for supremacy.

Set on a detailed 3D historical map of feudal Japan with over 350 provinces to control, Sengoku will also feature a territorial improvement system where you will assign clan officers various roles in order to build up your economic and military infrastructure. Divided between the town and castle, players will be able to develop and improve each province. Players will also be able to establish guilds in order to supplement either the economy or military, depending on the province’s role in your strategy.

Sengoku will also allow players to manage internal clan politics where you can reward other members and vassals with money, titles, and domains for them to rule. Your clan ruler must also gain honor through conquest and diplomatic influence such as marriage into a more powerful clan. However, if your honor falls to zero, you will have to commit hara-kiri in order to save the future and reputation of the clan.

In addition to managing diplomatic relations with other clans, Sengoku will feature a religious element where players will be able to choose the faith of its clan as well as managing relations with the Shinto, Buddhists, and Christian factions. Coupled with the intricacies of politics and warfare, Sengoku looks to be one of the potentially addicting gems of Paradox’s pantheon of strategy games.