22 Jul

Quick, pitch us two games that you would want mixed together for a single release. Really think about it, what comes to mind? Is it better than Deus Ex meets Sonic the Hedgehog? Size Five Games (formerly Zombie Cow) hopes not. The team behind indie adventure gems Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentleman, Please! have announced their steampunk flavored medley of that same pitch, dubbed The Swindle.

“The Swindle is a Steampunk physics-based platformer that plays a little bit like Deus Ex mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog” described Dan Marshall, company head. “I wanted to make something no one’s done before, and I’m pretty sure this fits the bill.”

Levels play out with the kind of multi-tiered opportunities players have to come to expect from Deus Ex, with high-security facilities concealing delicious data to be hacked (and cash to be stolen) in any number of ways. “Legitimately acquired” funds can upgrade equipment, and we assume the whole Sonic the Hedgehog comparison comes from the main character’s odd obsession with chili dogs.

The Swindle will release “when its ready” for PC, with a 360 version possible if (and I am definitely, definitely quoting Dan again here), “…[we] can resist putting vaginas in it this time.”

(via GamePro)

Deus Sonic the Ex-Hedgehog sound like a good, indie time EGs? Initial impressions down below!