08 Jul


Sony Online Entertainment announced that what was once known as Planetside Next will be coming to the PC (and maybe the PS3) soon as Planetside 2. In addition to releasing the teaser trailer (above) during their annual Fan Faire event, SOE confirmed the first bit of details about the MMOFPS to IGN. Using the new “Forgelight” engine, with territory capture and faction loyalty playing major roles in gameplay in addition to the first game’s trademark first-person action.

Objective-based missions will auto-generate and be assigned, and the class system is already boasting deep customization options, an EVE-Online style skill tree that can be trained even when the player is offline. Resources will be rewarded differently depending on what role the player takes with their Outfit (read: Guild), the leaders of which have the ability to craft and assign missions to underlings. There is currently no instancing outside of arenas, and at launch Planetside 2 will be PvP only, although a Player vs. Environment option is currently being considered. There are also 20 vehicles spawning land to air.

Planetside 2 looking good, EGs? Give Sony your initial feedback in the comments section below!