02 Jul

Turns out, not everybody was too happy about Valve turning Team Fortress 2 free to play. According to a report from Botchweed, a user-made server plug-in has been implemented in several private servers that effectively locks out players with a free to play account. Once a player has bought the game – getting a Premium account – or an item from the in-game store, they are granted access to any server using the modification. It’s worth nothing that this is a user creation with no official validation – or any word at all so far – from Valve.

via MTV Multiplayer

Elitism? Every server owner’s right? Give us your take in the comments section, EGs!

One thought on “‘Team Fortress 2’ Paid Players Banning F2P Players”

  1. Well there is some valid concern about F2P players installing mods to hack the game, and don’t care if they get banned, cause they could just make a new account.

    Though there is some cause for concern about banning new player. Then again, there have always been private servers and elitist people in any game, so what is new.

    I actually enjoy all the new cannon fodder, my KD ratio has never been higher.

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