17 Aug

Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and CEO of Harmonix, recently spoke to Gamasutra about the company’s recent trademark, VidRhythm. The first iOS software from the house that Rock Band built, Harmonix Director of Communications John Drake later clarified on Twitter that VidRhythm is “not a game per se…it WILL, however, be funky”.

“It will actually be our first iOS release as a studio, coming out relatively soon,” Rigopulos detailed, “I can’t say anything yet about what it is, but in parallel with all these huge console game productions we have underway, we’re commencing our first iOS development project.”

He continued, “The VidRhythm project has a tiny team that’s doing our very first project in this space…We think there are a lot of creative opportunities [with smartphones] that we haven’t really been able to focus on yet. So we’re looking forward to doing more in that space.”

(via IndustryGamers)