10 Aug

Fear not, loyal Layton fans, the gentlemanly professor’s first film feature shall not escape you. Viz Media announced that Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva will release Stateside November 8th, on DVD and Blu-Ray. The story has Layton and his ward Luke attempting to solve a series of mysterious disappearances at a London opera house.

(via Siliconera, through GamePro)

2 thoughts on “‘Professor Layton’ Film Confirmed for US Release”

  1. Excellent, I can watch this and not have to play the game.

    Oh hold on, isn’t that how its supposed to work with books?

    1. It can only really work with books. See this movie is a continuation of the game story line, so you would be missing out on some information.

      Can’t wait to get it, as well as my sister.

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