06 Aug

According to a report out of GameIndustry.biz (registration required), Team Bondi has packed up shop and moved to ally itself with fellow Sydney-based production company Dr. D Studios. Rumors surrounding the move suggest that Rockstar’s disowning of the studio left it with little friends in the game industry, leaving it to go into film work at the house of George Miller, director of films from “Mad Max” to “Happy Feet”.

Several high ranking Team Bondi members, including controversial boss Brendan McNamara, have been seen putting multiple visits into the studio. In a cruel twist of fate, Dr. D Studios already houses many ex-Bondi staffers, who claimed to have left the company over the same conditions that led to the studio falling out with Rockstar. Should Bondi be integrated into Miller’s company, the most logical place would be in the games division of KMM Studios, which was last working on a tie-in game for the oft-delayed “Mad Max” film reboot.

Neither company has confirmed the move, but Elder Geek has sent out for comments and is awaiting response.

(via GamePro)

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