06 Sep

Eurogamer reports that Sony has indicated the new budget-priced PSP model will be specifically aimed at teens and younger children. The new PSP model, which was revealed at Gamescom in Cologne last month and is only slated for a release in Europe, does not feature Wi-fi capabilities or support for stereo sound. Without these features, Sony is able to offer the handheld at around €99 in Europe, which is close to $140. The PSP-3000, which does feature Wi-fi and stereo support, is available in North America for approximately $130.

SCEE President Jim Ryan has said that he expects the audience of the PSP to skew younger, and hopes that many parents will consider the handheld as a Christmas gift at the new price level. He added that “if we are going to take PSP very young – teens and much younger – they are happy to just play the game. If taking wi-fi out is the price to pay, we’re happy to.”

2 thoughts on “Sony: New European PSP Model Aimed at Kids”

  1. So they are aiming this device at teens and kids who are tethered to the internet and don’t offer wi-fi. Smart move Sony, take something that works and make it worse. This would be ok if you released the system in a country that doesn’t really have internet connection, but last time I checked, Europe has some of the fastest internet on average in the world.

  2. The headline doesn’t really make sense, even though handheld stuff these days are expensive they’re things for GAMES, so most things are aimed at kids haha =P

    Even games rated 18 or mature for example are really aimed at kids, there’s probably more kids playing games like Grand Theft Auto than adults =/

    I’m looking forward to the PSP2, going to be incredible, shame it’s very costly.

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