01 Sep

Just don’t call it the Virtua Boy. Sony seems determined to ring in the future of 3D, and their latest effort in that regard is the HMZ- T1 visor. This head-mounted display supposedly recreates the sensation of viewing a 750-inch screen from about 65 feet away. This is achieved through the use of 2 0.7-inch OLED panels (1280×720) mounted in front of each eye. PC World notes that while this device isn’t the first of its kind on the market – that would be eMagin’s Z800 – this marks Sony’s first retail attempt at the product (if you don’t count the LCD version, the Glasstron).

Gamers will be happy to know that it is PS3-compatible right out the box, comes with built in 5.1 surround sound headphones, and can connect to HD televisions through HDMI. Gamers may not be happy to know that initial models of the device will launch for ¥60,000, or $784. Those that can manage the cost of early adoption can pick up the HMZ-T1 visor this November when it launches in Japan. No Western release dates have been revealed.

(via Playstation Lifestyle)

How much is a simulated 750-in. 3D TV to you, EGs? Could this luxury good be the complete 3D package gamers have clamored for? Comment below!

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