17 Sep

Formerly a series of cell phone games exclusive to Japan, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Legends will be heading to both iOS and Android devices sometime in 2012. Touch Arcade deciphered the announcement from Square’s Tokyo Game Show event, which debuted a screenshot for the game as well asĀ  its full title: Final Fantasy Legends: HikariĀ  to Yami no Senshi (translating to Warriors of Light and Darkness).

The original Legends kept close to the franchise’s earlier roots, with Active Time Battles and an old-school job system. No word on a specific release date or price, but expect the first details (at least for the Japanese release) around this Holiday season.

One thought on “TGS: ‘Final Fantasy Legends’ Heading to iOS, Android Next Year”

  1. Then headed to the PSP or PSV six months to a year later with some minor tweaks and a possible 3DS version. SE will milk the FF franchise until it dies. Though it is cool to see older games come back with new visuals.

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