13 Sep

In the new DLC update to its Xbox Live Arcade RTS/TPS Trenched, Double Fine is planning a bit more than the usual gameplay tweaks and new content. Due to the presence of a European board game already having trademarked the name Trenched, the studio will be officially changing the game’s name to Iron Brigade when the DLC releases later this month. Double Fine’s Brad Muir and Greg Rice confirmed the upcoming changes to Whiskey Media‘s Big Live Live Show Live.

In addition to the name change (which was made global in order to keep online match-making uniform across all regions), new costumes, weapons, gestures, and a survival mode for the African Hospital stage have all been confirmed for the free DLC. Future DLC was also teased, but little was revealed. A firm release date for the DLC has not bee set, but expect it before the game’s European launch on September 22nd.

(via GamesRadar)