22 Sep

Looks like Vita owners won’t have to suffer too much for being first adopters. Siliconera discovered a publication on the Japanese Playstation website announcing local multiplayer functionality between the Playstation Vita and Portable. Ad-Hoc multiplayer, will not a big hit in the West, is a defining feature in Japan, where Monster Hunter regularly rules the sales charts.

Those that pick up a Playstation Vita may not be leaving their PSP libraries behind, either. A report out of Destructoid claims that Sony is looking into a conversion program for UMDs. If released, special downloadable versions will be offered for any game the player has a physical disc version of. It’s worth noting that a similar program was rumored during the lead in to the PSPGo launch, but there still exists a possibility that Sony has learned its lesson from the failed handheld iteration (one among many), and includes it this time around.

(via 1UP, IndustryGamers)

Would downloadable versions of your existing PSP games make the transition to the PSV easier for you, EGs? Or are you planning on skipping this device altogether? Give us your reactions in the comments section!

5 thoughts on “Vita Works Ad-Hoc With PSP, Sony Considering UMD Conversion”

  1. Having the option to download all PSP games would make me want to buy a PSP day one. There are so many PSP games I would buy, but I don’t want to get a PSP since the better system is coming out soon.

    Now this news post just makes the PSP E-1000 so stupid, no wifi means no ad-hoc with the Vita. Sony sure can be stupid sometimes.

    1. Nicely said, I think it’s a nice idea if you already have a UMD from the old PSP then you can download them free to the vita(I have Need for speed Underground Rivals and a couple others) well done Sony, just think about the features of vita more clearly.

      I mean if they got rid of the second touch screen(or both, I hate touch stuff =P) then it would bring the cost down and about the wifi/3G options, I think both should cost the same because you’ll have to pay for a plan by 3G =/

      1. The front touch screen is fine, but that back touch panel is unnecessary, though they put in on the system for added security to not have a “Pandora Battery” situation again.

        This should have happened with the PSPgo, but that fell through. I would go out and buy a bunch of used UMDs to fill out my collection, and some new ones (just depends on the game; big publisher vs. small publisher and also my budget).

  2. I wouldn’t be devastated leaving my old PSP library behind, but it wouldn’t hurt to have the option to take them along.

    The PSP was basically a Monster Hunter device for me and as long as Sony gives me another one, I won’t need look back.

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