06 Oct


An advertisement for an advertisement, we’re pretty sure this is a first for Sony. Despite rumors varying from a Vita US release date to a new major game series (or even a crossover), the mysterious teaser from Playstation was merely the first part of a larger commercial.

The first in the media campaign introduced by Kevin Butler a few weeks ago, the “Long Live Play” ad features cameos from game characters both exclusive (God of War‘s Kratos and Athena, Metal Gear Solid 4‘s Solid Snake) and multiplatform (Hitman‘s Agent 47, Assassin Creed 2‘s Ezio Auditore da Firenze). It all comes to head with the room of characters chanting the praises of one “Michael”, one of a handful of selected gamers to have their real life photographs (with a Playstation controller) to be featured across the ad campaign.

Disappointed that the more outlandish rumors didn’t prove true, EGs? What are your thoughts on the trailer as a whole? Leave your reactions below!


One thought on “Sony’s Mysterious Ad Reveals 1st ‘Long Live Play’ Commerical”

  1. I kinda felt that it would be just a longer ad, but you can always dream that it could be something else.

    Would be awesome if Sony did a cross over game, but it would be kind of difficult to meld all of those genres into one game.

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