13 Oct

Once again, the PSP’s lukewarm reception in the West blocks a promising game from its shores. Hiroshi Seno, Sega’s Team Manager of Console Sales, recently gave an interview in Singapore were he stated that poor sales of Valkyria Chronicles II were the reason behind the decision to not localize Valkyria Chronicles III: Unrecorded Chronicles. When asked whether the title could be localized for sale over the Playstation Network, Seno said the topic is planned to be brought up the next time the Sega team meets with Sony.

(via Gamespot)

Disappointed to see another franchise denied localization in the West, EGs? Would sales for Valkyria Chronicles II have fared better if the game was on PS3, as many of the Western fans of the franchise wanted? Respond with your thoughts in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “‘Valkyria Chronicles III’ Not Being Localized for the West”

  1. I am still irked that Sega made the boneheadded move to put the sequel on the PSP after the original did quite well on the PS3. Granted the PSP is more popular in Japan, but Sega should of had the foresight to see that the PSP isn’t that popular in NA and Europe.

    What I wish Sony would do is allow you to play PSP games on your PS3, so I could buy VCII and play it. I might get it if I get a Vita (it all comes down to money and the games available for the system). Sony would see a huge spike in PSN sales if they did this, and it would make more people happy. Oh, and if they made it so you could continue your progress on your PSP/PSV then it would boost sales of those systems as well.

  2. Stop moving IP’s exclusively to different consoles. It’s what has killed Kingdom Hearts for. me, it’s what made me lose interest in Metal Gear Solid, and it is what is going to finish off Valkyria Chronicles

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