09 Nov

SEE Global Entertainment issued a press release earlier today (available through Gamershell), announcing that a browser-based MMO based on the 1990 science fiction film Total Recall is currently in the works. The game is intended to tie in with the release of the remake of the original film, which stars Colin Farrell. SEE has indicated the game will be released as a free-to-play title that is supported through microtransactions.

Development of the game will be handled by ZQGame, a Chinese developer focused on the creation of free-to-play MMOs. No specific information on the Total Recall MMO is currently available, though SEE has indicated the game will be mix PvE and PVP elements from traditional MMORPGs with aspects of social games, with ZQGame mentioning a collaborative “memory quest” system.

The Total Recall remake will be releasing in theaters on the third of August next year, with the game expected to release around the same date.

2 thoughts on “Browser-Based Total Recall MMO Announced”

  1. So will it still be a mind trip that doesn’t really answer the question if it was all a dream or reality?

    Well if it doesn’t end up being a trip, then it isn’t really a Total Recall property.

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