15 Nov


Sony Online Entertainment recently announced that their long-lived MMO EverQuest II will go free to play with the release of its latest expansion, “Age of Discovery”. All EverQuest II content up until February 2010’s expansion “Sentinel’s Fate” will carry no charge to access, leaving “Age of Discovery” and this past February’s “Destiny of Velious” locked for all F2P players.

Come early December, the two communities of EverQuest II proper and the seperate, F2P EverQuest II: Extended will merge into one. Following the freemium scale model introduced in DC Universe Online‘s recent F2P makeover, players can choose between three tiered subscriptions. The first – Free – costs nothing, but restricts active journal quests, character slots, gold per level, and inventory slots. Silver and Gold memberships incrementally increase the amount of gold, slots and quests for a one-time charge of $5 and $15/month, respectively.

(via 1UP)