06 Nov

Phoenix Online Studios, responsible for fighting a lawsuit for – and then releasing – the King’s Quest fan-game The Silver Lining, has tapped adventure game-maker extraordinaire Jane Jensen for their next episodic project. Creator of the famed Gabriel Knight series, Jensen’s involvement was first touted in the reveal of Phoenix’s new game: Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller.

Jensen isn’t the only top game development brass brought on staff: Star Defense‘s Khaeon Gamestudio is co-developing the title, which features the art design of comic book artist Romano Molenaar (Tomb Raider, X-Men).

The story follows Erica Reed, a Bostonian FBI Agent with the power to sense an object’s past through touch, as she hunts down the serial killer responsible for taking her brother’s life. The game’s funding stems directly from Phoenix’s Kickstarter fund, which hopes to raise $25,000 for salaries and production costs by December 11th.

(via GamePro)