06 Nov

Broderbund’s Carmen Sandiego franchise was one of the insidiously educational variety that grew to popularity in middle school computer labs everywhere in the mid-80s. Focusing mainly on delivering geographical trivia disguised as loss prevention police work, Carmen Sandiego appears to have a movie deal in the works.

Deadline is reporting that Walden Media has acquired the rights to the most popular branch in the franchise – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? – with Jennifer Lopez attached to produce. Rumors that Lopez will also star as the titular thief in the red trench coat have yet to be confirmed. From the logline of the film recently released (below), it appears the goal is to follow Ms. Sandiego’s former partner in crime as he attempts to track her down, with clues about her identity gradually revealing a more sympathetic view of the master thief.

When the ACME agency’s greatest detective Carmen Sandiego becomes the world’s greatest thief, it’s up to her former partner to follow her clues and track her down. Their cat-and-mouse game leads the partner to confront a greater mystery: Is Carmen really a thief or a hero? The property originated as an educational computer game before it was turned into an animated TV series.

(via Giant Bomb)

Let’s make this easier: who amongst us EGs has NOT played a Carmen Sandiego game? Can you see Jennifer Lopez in the role? Comment below!