19 Nov

The recent Twitter announcement – made by Hideo Kojima – of Metal Gear Solid: Rising Producer Yuji Korekado’s first account on the social platform caused quite a stir. Mostly because, up until this point, Shigenobu Matsuyama was credited as the project’s Producer. The replacement of Matsuyama with Korekado was later confirmed by Konami Productions’ Kenichiro Imaizumi, although no official reason has been given. According to Imaizumi’s announcement, Matsuyama has been moved to another – unspecified – division within the company.

(via Andriasang: 1, 2)

2 thoughts on “‘Metal Gear Solid: Rising’ Producer Replaced”

  1. Yeesh. I’m still curious to know what “the truth” is behind Rising that they keep teasing for Spike. What’s he going to say? “Yeah, the game has gone through development hell!” I doubt it.

    Maybe they’ll admit that it’s been handed over to Platinum games. I almost wonder if it’ll even look the same now. At this rate I almost suspect an RE4 style overhaul.

    1. I just hate ‘teaser trailer’ crap, it makes ‘hype’ and gets everyone excited(when it looks very good) WAY too long before the release date.

      So I just want it to be released already, I’m going to guess that the story was rubbish, just guessing because there’s another bit of news on Elder Geek about the producer of this was just replaced, has to be a good reason why =/

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