15 Nov

The speculation surrounding Microsoft’s follow up to the Xbox 360 continues. The latest Windows Weekly podcast estimated a CES 2012 reveal for the 720, currently using the codename “Project Ten”. According to podcast host – and SuperSite for Windows owner – Paul Thurott, the new console will feature both the Microsoft SilverLight video plugin, as well as the Metro UI currently operating on Windows Phone 7. Thurott also theorized a Holiday 2012 release for the system, placing it in direct competition with Nintendo’s Wii U.

The CES 2012 reveal theory was echoed by French website Xboxygen, who call the hardware the “Xbox Loop”. According to the website (as translated by VG247), the reveal will be hosted by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. Allegedly, Microsoft currently has two divisions at work on the console, “Loop” handling the software and “Infinity” working on the hardware. The system also reportedly holds a powerful hex-core CPU with 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

Think Holiday 2012 is too soon for the Xbox 720/Loop, EGs? What do you think of the hardware specs and features rumored so far? Discuss below!

5 thoughts on “Multiple Reports Point to Xbox 720 Reveal/Release in 2012”

  1. I can see them revealing the system at E3 2012 and releasing the system in 2013, but not earlier than that. Yes Microsoft needs to put out a new system, especially considering how old the tech is compared to PCs and storage capacity of DVDs compared to Blu-rays. However, I have been hearing that Halo 4 will be a 360 game, making me think the 720 won’t come out until 2013 at the earliest.

    1. I think so about the release date, but late 2013.

      And I think 720 sounds ridiculous being honest, 360 is a bit of a joke, kind of funny if you think about it, a 360 is a full turn =/

      One minute it works then it doesn’t so you have to send it off to be repaired then comes back to you and then it works but the cycle starts over again hahaha =P

      I hope for their sake it’s got a better name than that.

      And shows how little they believe in the 360 already spreading rumours of the next console, I believe consoles still have quite a bit to give, just have to stop all these cheesy gimmicks and make some very good quality games.

      The PS2 didn’t even have online play and that lasted so long, still going =)

      1. The PS2 did have online play, but no network, if that is what you meant. You could totally play Monster Hunter, SOCOM and a few other games online on PS2.

        Yeah, the whole 360 in the name is stupid if you think about it, but most people don’t and they think it is just a cool sounding name.

        The 360 doesn’t really have that much power that developers can eek out of it, the PS3 on the other hand does. Working with more than six-year-old tech of the 360, there isn’t much extra power that you can eek out of the machine. Graphics are the biggest issue consoles are running into, and that is a result of only having dx9 cards (this is one of the reasons why Skyrim is dx9 only).

        1. That’s what I meant with the online, yeah. Do you mean Skyrim is only DX9 on PC or just consoles? because I know the PS3 and 360 are limited to DX9.

          And enough talk about Skyrim please, I have to wait until around Christmas to play that beast of a game =P

          1. It is dx9 on all systems. Bethesda did this because of the consoles, but mainly it allows more people to buy and play the game without having to upgrade (it is a cost benefit analysis situation, and they chose to go with the one that would net them more money).

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