15 Nov

One of Develop’s many anonymous sources has come forward with a report claiming that Nintendo is expanding the Wii U’s tablet controller support from 1 to 2 devices. A lot of the console’s other specifications are also still being tweaked, including its RAM and processor speed. Nintendo had first demonstrated the hardware at this past E3 with only one active tablet, reportedly due to hardware limitations and cost to the consumer. The final retail version of the Wii U is set to be demonstrated during E3 2012.

“Nintendo now know they absolutely need to support two tablets,” Develop’s anonymous source claimed, “At E3 they didn’t commit to this, but they know how important it is to make it technically feasible to support two screens. Even if that affects framerate, as a developer and player, I don’t care. It needs to work. Developers will design appropriate games for this. If you’re building a quiz game you’re not going to give a shit about the framerate.”

Are two tablets better than one, EGs? Does this affect your decision to buy the Wii U next Holiday? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

One thought on “Report: Nintendo Doubling Wii U Tablet Support”

  1. Well this is sounding more enticing. They really did need to have support for two tablets, though having four would be a lot better. Think about how much better Zelda 4 Swords Adventures could be with four tablets.

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