15 Nov

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A franchise that sells is one that will never die. Sony has released multiple statements to that effect surrounding its God of War franchise. Whether God of War III was the end of Kratos or just the conclusion of the first trilogy, gamers can rest assured that there will be more Deicide to come. And if New Zealand online retailer Mighty Ape has their “estimated” release dates right, we may only have to wait until September of next year.

Mighty Ape listed God of War IV for September 28, 2012. Sony Santa Monica has yet to reveal any of the undisclosed projects they have announced they are working on, and has yet to return Elder Geek’s call for comment.

(via GamesRadar)

One thought on “Rumor: ‘God of War IV’ Less Than a Year Away”

  1. Well, I wonder what they will do. They kinda killed off a lot of the major gods over the franchise, and Kratos’ story is getting a bit dull lately, so I wonder what they will do.

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