22 Nov

Square Enix recently revealed their plans to expand their studio presence in Montreal. That mainly includes the opening of a second studio, Square Enix Montreal, and some 150 new staff positions. Reportedly, the studio will focus on a new game in the Hitman franchise, not associated with IO Interactive’s Hitman Absolution. Square Enix London’s General Manager Lee Singleton will take on the lead role at Square Enix Montreal once the site is open.

100 new jobs are also planned for Square Enix’s Eidos-Montreal studio, which is currently in development on three titles, including new installments in the Deus Ex and Thief series, as well as an unannounced third title.

“Montreal is a vibrant centre of game creators with industry-leading talent, and one of the most important bases of our global network of game development within the Square Enix Group.” Yoichi Wada, Square Enix CEO, described.

“We believe in creating studios where passion for our games and gaming runs throughout and Eidos-Montreal is testament to this vision.” said Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers, “The start up of a second studio brings a huge advantage to our business; we will nurture two separate studios with their own strengths, culture and appeal.”

(via Gamasutra)

One thought on “Square Opens 2nd Montreal Studio for New ‘Hitman’”

  1. This sounds cool, I love the Hitman games, one of my favourite game franchises but even though it says above it’s not linked to the older games, maybe it’s going to be a MMO in the dark and ‘gritty’ Hitman World, hope they do something very cool.

    Anyway I can’t wait for Hitman Absolution, I almost wet myself with excitement when I saw the gameplay trailer of the E3 =)

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