11 Nov

Twitter is being made into a video game. The status message broadcast system is the inspiration for Tweet Land, a game in development for the iPhone that turns Twitter messages into in-game events. For example: should your co-worker post a message on Twitter about accidentally running over a cat, the game will integrate something having to do with cars, domesticated animals, and/or roadkill.

The specifics of this keywords creating in-game instances has yet to be fully fleshed out by Tweet Land‘s small development team, but expect something along the lines of Scribblenauts meets asinine personal commentary that no one cares about. Keywords confirmed to create something when the game releases: beach, car accident, fireflies, hate, lightsaber, love, meteor, shotgun, shooting star, tsunami, volcanic eruption, and zombies

The game’s development was financed by a successful Kickstarter fund this past May.

(via GamePro)