04 Dec

Last month, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed a data transfer plan for customers looking to integrate their PSP libraries into their PSVs. The “UMD Passport” Program recently had a list of supported titles released, and it’s missing some key publishers. The games of Capcom, Konami, Namco Bandai, and Square Enix are nowhere to be found amongst the 262 available titles (out 606 available on the Japanese PSN).

This is just the launch lineup, with the major publishers possibly waiting to gauge initial reaction to the program before investing. But combined, the absent publishers make up a tremendous portion of the Japanese gaming market, despite smaller publishers like Atlus and Nippon Ichi on board. There is still no word on whether the program will be available outside of Japan.

(via Siliconera)

2 thoughts on “Capcom, Square and More Pass on Vita’s “UMD Passport” Program”

  1. Why get a small sum of money when you can get a much larger amount by forcing people to have to entirely re-buy the game.

    SE for some time didn’t allow new PSP games to be put on PSN, but now they are (it is just a benefit for them to have it on the service).

    This now makes the service kind stupid.

  2. Square has lost a bit of their focus lately… disappointing, especially because I was really looking forward to being able to play 3rd birthday on the vita…. but… what can ya do?

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