05 Dec

Unnamed sources have told Gamespot that F.E.A.R. 3 developer Day One Studios have laid off 95% of the development team that had been working on a reboot for the classic Konami franchise Silent Scope. The report states that Konami backed out of the cooperation, forcing Day One to lay off a significant portion of its development staff. Though neither Konami nor Day One representatives have made a statement on the matter, the report by Gamespot indicates that a small team remains at the studio to work on an unspecified project that was being developed alongside the Silent Scope reboot.

One thought on “Day 1 Studios Suffers Layoffs as Konami Deal Falls Through”

  1. It’s always a bad thing when developers get ‘laid off’ especially good ones but it isn’t always a bad thing, some of Rocksteady and Gearbox sofftware’s guys/girls are from other older developers that have splintered like Free Radical and they end up working on something brilliant in the future, hopefully the same thing will happen for these.

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