20 Dec

*Disclaimer (Gameplay footage is from the preorder bonus King Arthur II: Dead Legions, the prologue to the King Arthur story.)

After pulling Excalibur from its stone and uniting the fractious land of southern Britannia, King Arthur with his Knights of the Round Table established a period of peace and prosperity. Ruling from his golden city of Camelot with the Holy Grail in his possession, Arthur was destined for greatness.

However, that would all change when a would-be assassin mortally wounded the great king and shattered the Grail, spreading chaos and confusion throughout the realm. The land once again descends into war and invading forces threaten to destroy everything that King Arthur struggled to establish. With Arthur on the verge of death and in hiding, he must dispatch his knights to reclaim the peace and vanquish the realm’s enemies.

Developer Neocore Games in conjunction with Paradox Interactive bring the next chapter of the Arthurian legend with King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame. Complete with villages, castles, ancient ruins, and mystical regions where mythic beasts dwell, King Arthur II is poised to be one of the most detailed RTS/RPG games in 2012.

Players will follow an overarching storyline that will provide you with different choices that will have unique effects and consequences on both the story and the overall developmental direction of your characters. Unlike the first game, players will not gain control of Arthur, but will be directing his loyal knight heroes and vassals throughout the campaign.

RPG elements make their return allowing you to develop your heroes’ stats abilities as well as those of your military units through combat experience and story progression. For each character, there will be unique artifacts that can be found from quests and battles, which provide varying characteristics. A particularly new feature to the game is the ability to create your own artifacts in special artifact forges located in particular locations around the map.

The morality chart will make its return. Where you end up, is dictated through your actions and decisions in quests throughout the campaign, which will unlock certain abilities unique to those traits.

King Arthur II would not complete without the large 3D battles where the majority of your wars will be decided. Players will be able to deploy their armies prior to the actual fighting and take control of different victory points on the map, which offer unique abilities that will assist you throughout the main battle.

King Arthur II will certainly occupy countless hours of game time in the near future as its RPG/RTS combination makes this the ultimate merging of two addictive gaming genres. From its enhanced graphics to the detailed campaign map, to the 3D battlefields and the unique units, King Arthur II is hoping to please fantasy and strategy fans alike.