4 thoughts on “JumpMen Podcast Ep 76: Year of Resident Evil”

  1. Really digging this podcast, but I want to slap them sometimes. Like where does their hate of Resident Evil 3 stem from… while not being as good as 2, it still had some incredibly intense moments, including the Nemesis stalking you from screen to screen. TERROR!

    1. Resident Evil 3 is just kind of a retread of RE 2 but without the compelling storyline. Instead of Leon and Claire, with awesome appearances by Ada and Shelly, you have Jill and Carlos dealing with Nicholai. Huge dropoff in my opinion.

      You are totally right about Nemesis. Just when you think you got away from him, he’s back like a boss!

      Hate might be too strong. The game was playable, enjoyable, but nowhere near as good as 2 or 4. So I lump it in with the disappointment that is RE 5.

      1. All very fair points. I could also bring up that RE3 was the first game with the Mercenaries mode, which makes the game so much better to play through multiple times.

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