26 Jan

The city of Anaheim just lost a major source of summer revenue for this year. Blizzard’s first annual Battle.net World Championship eSports tournament is taking the place of the canceled BlizzCon this year. The event, taking place in Asia, was announced via Battle.net blog post, and will focus on challenges featuring Diablo III, WoW’s Mists of Pandaria, and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. More details on the Battle.net World Championship, and BlizzCon 2013, were promised for the near future.

Any past BlizzCon attendees amongst us, EGs? What does the absence of this year’s festivities mean for the Stateside Blizzard community? Or for the host city of Anaheim, for that matter? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

One thought on “No BlizzCon in 2012”

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Blizzcon every year since it started. The main problem is they always hold it on a weekend that is bad for me (My Wedding Anniversary) and the tickets get bought up in about 5 seconds. I’ve done the virtual ticket each year though and it’s always a lot of fun.

    I cant imagine the amount of prep it takes to put that show on though. I’m thinking that Blizzard is under the gun right now and need to focus their energies on releasing the 3 games they have in the queue.

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