21 Jan

The last link on Capcom’s “No Hope Left” viral website was to a Youtube playlist featuring multiple language-versions of a debut trailer for Resident Evil 6. Balking the series’ tradition of the announcement trailer being years ahead of the game’s release, RE6‘s is scheduled for later this year, on November 20th, for PS3 and 360 (PC version following at a later date). From the trailer we see franchise regulars Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy both making playable returns, with some cover mechanics apparently having finally made into the formula. Multiple campaign scenarios (both single player and co-op) are also demonstrated. That, and it’s hinted that Leon Kennedy shoots a zombified President of the United States.

Thoughts on the Resident Evil 6 trailer, EGs? What about the game itself, is it something you’ll be picking up this Holiday Season? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “‘Resident Evil 6’ Announced”

  1. Trailer looked way more like a trailer for a movie than a video game. I missed out on RE5 and it seems like the franchise is getting further and further from the early titles. Im not sure if i’ll pick this up or not. But i’ll always have an eye on the franchise

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