11 Jan

A lot of dubious statements have come from video game developers recently. With Miyamoto’s hint at retirement last month being later censored by himself and Nintendo, Sony has put a similar kibosh on the rumors of Kaz Hirai ascending the ranks to become the electronics giant’s new CEO. Initially reported this past Saturday, Sony has clarified that it has made no such announcement of a power shift.

“Certain media reports were published on January 7th, 2012 regarding Sony Corporation’s executive officers’ appointments. Sony Corporation has made no announcement in this regard and nothing has been determined at this time,” a Sony spokesman submitted in response to Eurogamer.

Sony’s current CEO, Howard Stringer, got a bit of a beating from shareholders following the April hack of the Playstation Network last year, and was asked to resign due to the breach. It was this confrontation that helped rumors of Hirai’s ascension this past weekend.

Think Hirai is a plausible choice for taking up the Sony mantle? Should Stringer have resigned post-PSN attack, as shareholders demanded? Comment below!