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This episode of the Game Club we talk about Kyle Pulver’s chicken throwing puzzle game, Offspring Fling. If you’re feeling good about the game after listening to the show, be sure to check it out at the official Offspring Fling website. There is even an in browser demo right there on the site, so at least try it out!

Show Notes

00:00 – 01:00 – Music – Flinging High
01:00 – 03:27 – Introductions
03:28 – 08:02 – Offspring Fling History
08:03 – 27:49 – Our thoughts on Offspring Fling
27:50 – 29:42 – Side tracked on Journey
29:43 – 31:45 – Back to Offspring Fling and being inspired
31:46 – 35:35 – Actual Retro games vs Retro Throwbacks
35:36 – 39:56 – Next on Game Club: The Legend of Grimrock and some slight Super Castlevania talk
39:57 – 41:15 – Sign offs
41:16 – 44:48 – Music – Snow Problem

Additional Notes

Offspring Fling OST is available on BandCamp.
As noted in the podcast, there is no YouTube version of this yet. We have to get some footage recorded first. So this episode may not get a YT version in the end.

Next Episode of Game Club: Legend of Grimrock

Next time we take a look at the throwback dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock. You can buy it off their website or through Steam for $14.99. Be sure to play it and leave your thoughts before the next episode of the show.

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3 thoughts on “Elder-Geek Game Club #21 – Offspring Fling”

  1. Having listened to the episode again, I feel like I still did a piss poor job explaining actual Retro games vs Retro Throwbacks. When Steve said “flawed classic” and I agreed with it… well I shouldn’t have agreed with it! Obviously games like Super Metroid and Mega Man 2 have well, no flaws! Anyway, what I really mean is just the difference in mind set between devs in those days and devs today. Kind of like how they made movies back in the B&W days vs the way they make them today.

    Anyway, long story short – it’s not better, it’s just a different approach.

  2. I am on the 4th floor of Legend of Grimrock, and I love soooo many things about this game. The RPG mechanics are sound, the level and puzzle design are fantastic, the giant spiders will surprise you, and the combat is pretty fun for being so simple (kiting works for most single enemies, but if you get overwhelmed, it becomes a challenge). The story is cool so far, with the shared dream filling in most of the backstory of the dungeon. The only bad thing I will say is the traps can feel cheap at times, and the autosave feature is not forgiving. Save often… something that I tend to forget.

    1. I have sunk more time into Grimrock, and found that I like to level up my rogue as a barefist fighter with the reach skill in the assassination branch. Barefist fighting is fast and does a lot more damage than I thought it would, but takes a lot of energy. I’ve gotten better with saving my game more often, though I still hate walking into a random trap and dying (although if you can break through a trap and escape, it is extremely exhilarating). The puzzles are still fantastic, and I love the combat, even if I can’t figure out what I like about it.

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