19 Apr

An Amazon product page (since removed) and a debut trailer have likely circumvented Sony’s big 4-19-12 announcement, revealing the development of the next game in the God of War franchise. Supposedly “the most ambitious…adventure in the series so far”, God of War: Ascension, like Chains of Olympus before it, will prequel the events in the numbered titles of the series. The trailer and product page remain cryptic on any other details, with the description only asking players to “Join Kratos as he seeks freedom, redemption, and the clarity to avenge his family.”

One thought on “‘God of War: Ascension’ Leaked Hours Before Official Reveal”

  1. Cool I guess. I’d rather the devs either create a new character or just move onto a new series. I feel like Kratos’ story has been told, and we already know what ultimately happens to him (I kinda feel like prequels should focus on other characters but bring in cameos of characters that appear in later series: personal opinion).

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