07 Apr

Earlier this week, Markus “Notch” Persson set up shop with a surprisingly in-depth reveal website for Mojang’s next game. 0x10c is being designed as the most hardcore of space simulation adventures, expected to follow Minecraft‘s example with an extended beta before official release. Set in the year 281, 474, 976,712,644 AD (yes, really), a group of wealthy corporate industrialists must find a way to survive in a universe nearing collapse after a spaceship driver error miscalculates their requested sleep cycle.

More MMO than Minecraft, 0x10c will hand players their own spaceship, tasking them to manage both an onboard generator and computer while taking on various intergalactic missions. Most generator functions (like a cloaking field) will drain precious wattage, while the computer will be an emulated 16-bit CPU that can be programmed for a variety of in-game tasks. Other promised features include: hard science fiction, lots of engineering, space battles against the AI or other players, abandoned ships full of loot, duct tape! (their exclamation point), seamlessly landing on planets, an advanced economy system, random encounters, mining, trading, looting, and single/multiplayer connectivity via the multiverse.