One thought on “Spoiler Alert! Mass Effect 3”

  1. Great show, Mats. I think this would be great in a format, so people can chat with you guys while we’re all happily hating EA together.

    I beat the game myself last night. Wasn’t as disappointed as most people, but I wholeheartly agree that it was trash. The indoctrination theory is great on paper, but I can see it only being true if you only had two choices (destroy and control) and if there was actually a conclusion afterwards.

    The reason I’m not all that annoyed about the ending is that the franchise has consistently let me down since ME2 to the point I was content with the colored explosions and epic music. I feel both sequels have been low-quality and poorly thought out and that the ending was just whatever they could come up with. The indoctrination theory would make the ending amazing, but there’s no real evidence that it’s not just sh*tty writing.

    I mean, an hour in ME3 and there’s already a Deus Ex Machina presented that’s not mentioned or hinted in the slightest in the previous games. Then in the ending they go and do a double reverse on that. You can easily tell they never predicted how the game was gonna end.

    If they can damage control this into the indoctrination theory, maybe that’d be cool, but as it stands, I think it’s a fitting ending to a franchise that didn’t really know what to do with its story (though the “side” stories -like curing the Genophage or the Geth-Quarian issues- were great) after ME1.

    By the way, my own Shep:
    Cybil Shepard, Vanguard, Akuze survivor, white, brunette, hazel eyed pragmatic bitch. I tried to reward the best traits of the galaxy, like solidarity, honesty, peace, etc., while undoing whoever came in the way. The way I see it: if I killed dozens upon dozens of goons, I’m letting the big boss go free. She ended up being a good mix of Paragon and Renegade, since when it counts, acting Renegade just makes little to no sense (sure let’s condemn the Krogan to infertility so they never work out their hatred towards the rest of the galaxy!). But I shot Udina, I shot the Illusive Man, I got the Quarians annihilated so the Geth might continue on living, and I think I usually went for what I thought was fair.

    Romance wise, she got hooked up with Kaidan on the first one, basically because I thought the lesbian thing was poorly handed on ME1, then she got the hots for Thane on the second game. I blew off Kaidan on the third game, even after Shepard acted like she didn’t give a sh*t about Thane and brushed his death off in the trip between the hospital and the Normandy. I might’ve settled for one of the dream sequences having Thane’s voiceover, but whatever.

    I chose the green ending, but I don’t really have a reason to. The choice was too out of the blue, the kid wasn’t making any sense and the other two endings seemed far worse (I liked the Geth so I wasn’t intending on killing them, and control was obviously BAD ending). Actually, my first instinct was to shoot the f*cking brat.

    So am I dissatisfied? Yes, but with the whole franchise. The ending is just the cherry on top.

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