24 May

PAX Prime may have some competition. On August 29th, two days prior to the convention in Seattle – in San Antonio, Texas – the first GameStop Consumer “EXPO” will be open to PowerUp Rewards card holders. Regular passes cost $35, but a $100 “VIP” option is available, for those that want “four in-depth sessions with some of the biggest names in gaming, access to VIP-only lines and entrance to the VIP gaming lounge.”

(Source: GameStop, via Joystiq)



2 thoughts on “Gamestop Consumer ‘EXPO’ Set for August”

  1. Gonna pass for many reasons.

    1. Going to PAX
    2. It is only a 5-hour event for $35
    3. Only video games, no table top games
    4. Austin, TX in the end of summer is going to be miserable
    5. Put on by GS for rewards members only, so it doesn’t have that sense of community.
    6. $100 option is ridiculous

    Yeah, pretty much my feelings. Going to spend by time at PAX for three days that only cost me $65 and many more hours than five in one day.

    1. Oops, San Antonio. A five hour convention isn’t worth it to take a trip there (unless there was something else going on in town that day).

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