the-sound-of-bold-ideas 23 May

Massimo Guarini, former employee of Grasshopper Manufacture and the director of Shadows of the Damned, is currently working on a new title at Ovosonico – his new studio. According to a report by Gamesradar, Ovosonico is aiming to develop emotionally-engaging titles that with a few hours of content. More details are included after the jump.

Speaking to Gamesradar, Guarini stated that “there is so much more to be explored besides throw-away iPhone games and 40-hour long traditional productions.” The design philosophy of Ovosonico fits in the middle between these two extremes, as the studio aims to create “a rich emotional experience packaged in a movie-length time frame, and possibly sold at a reasonable price.”

Guarini fulfills the roles of CEO and Creative Director at the newly formed Ovosonico, with co-founder Gianni Ricciardi taking on the role of Vice President and Audio Director.