07 May

EA has just released their Q4 reports for FY12.  In doing so they’ve confirmed the fears of many playing the game and the suspicions of many who used to.  In total, 400,000 subscribers have left the game, dropping the total from 1.7 million down to 1.3 million.  While MMO’s these days expect to lose subscribers after launch, the magnitude of this drop has to be a massive disappointment for EA and BioWare as they were hoping for Patch 1.2 to revitalize the player base far more than it did.

One thought on “Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses 400,000 Subscribers”

  1. I totally called this.

    People subscribed, played the leveling experience, and once their opening subscription(and subsequent free time) ran out, they cancelled… Exactly as I predicted. :)

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