19 Jun

PopCap has recently announced on it’s official forums that the company has decided to take the Google+ version of Bejeweled down. The game was taken down as of June 18th. More details are included after the jump.

As of the announcement, players ceased to be able to purchase additional coins or moves, with their premium currencies being lost as the game went down last Monday. Though the game is playable on other social networking websites, it was not possible to transfer progress or currencies to another platform. PopCap did not provide any statements as to why the service is being discontinued, but several other developers of social games have announced to be withdrawing their support for Google+.

Mashable reports that developer Wooga is making a similar move and will be taking down Diamond Rush and Bubble Island on July 1st, after already having ceased operations for Monster World last month.

Google+ was launched last year has apparently failed to attract enough users to make social games profitable, as Wooga states that each of these games “have a much larger following on Facebook,” and that the users there “are active users.” With PopCap and Wooga taking down some of their titles, Google+ still has in excess of 40 games available.