smarttv 06 Jun

Samsung and Gaikai recently announced a joint venture between their two services, world’s largest TV manufacturer and cloud game streaming, respectively. Current and future owners of an internet-connected Samsung television will be able to download and play via Gaikai within the next couple of weeks, the streaming service coming bundled with Samsung hardware starting with the manufacturer’s 2012 Smart LED TV line (7000 series and up).

Prior to E3, rumors circulated about a similar partnership between Gaikai and one of the three console manufacturers (most likely Sony), but the lack of an announcement to that effect during company press conferences put an end to such theories. Gaikai has reportedly signed a similar agreement with LG, another TV manufacturer, but has yet to issue any details about a launch.

Gaikai CEO David Perry explains, “We’ve talked to all of [the console makers]. Literally all of them. I wouldn’t want to be a console without cloud gaming. Let’s put it that way. I think that all of them are going to need this technology.”

“The only way you can put the absolute best that the game industry can make on your devices is with cloud gaming.” Perry continued, “If you want, you can put lame games on TV. You could put Call of Duty trivia or something like that, or you can put the real thing. If you do, you’re going to use cloud gaming.”

(via Gamasutra)