team-fortress-2 26 Jun

Valve has announced on the official Team Fortress 2 website that the “Meet the Pyro”-short, the final installment in a series of short features focusing on each of the Team Fortress 2 characters, will be launched on June 27th. The release of the video will coincide with a major update to the free-to-play title, which has been dubbed “Pyromania.”

The update will bring a new map as well as a new gametype. The description of this new gametype, which is known as “Doomsday” states that the game “pits BLU against RED, with only one team getting the honor of transporting a suitcase nuke full of recalled Mann Co. Australium to American monkeynaut Poopy Joe’s rocket, so he can blast off and hunt down Soviet space chimp Vladimir Bananas. It’s the same spirit of competitive enterprise that stalled the moon landing by three years when Buzz Aldrin suplexed Neil Armstrong into a pile of folding chairs at Astromania ’69! Both teams will attempt to get the necessary fuel up a preposterously slow-moving elevator and into Poopy Joe’s Australium-powered rocket to the stars.”

In addition to the new map and gametype, the update will also add several new weapons and include 11 new achievements, bringing the total number of achievements that can be obtained in the game to a whopping 405.

It is currently not known if the upcoming “Pyromania” update for Team Fortress 2 will tie in to the collaboration between Adult Swim and Valve that was recently announced.