11 Jun

Gamasutra reports that THQ has told Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter that the company is reshifting focus towards “low-cost Triple-A” titles as well as free-to-play games. More information is included after the jump.

Despite having announced higher-than-expected sales for Undisputed 3, the company told Pachter that the game has failed to break the 2-million mark that was required for the game to break even. As a result, THQ recently closed the studio that had been working on the franchise and sold the UFC license to EA. From now on, the company will pursue triple-A titles that require a smaller investment than their previous titles.

One of THQ’s upcoming titles, Obsidian Entertainment’s Southpark: The Stick of Truth, will also need sell 2 million copies in order to break even, but has reportedly been cheaper to produce than other titles due to the simplicity of the animations in the game.

Though the publisher currently doesn’t have any free-to-play titles lined up, it is looking to make this a significant portion of the company’s business with the coming of the next generation of consoles.