LulzSec FeatureBanner 02 Jul

The Washington Post reports that two British ‘LulzSec’ members, Jake Davis (19) and Ryan Cleary (20), have pleaded guilty to a British court on conspiracy to attack government, media, and law enforcement websites in 2011. Davis and Cleary, together with two other alleged LulzSec members who claimed innocence in the same case, pleaded not guilty to encouraging or assisting others to commit computer offenses and fraud.

As part of LulzSec, Davis and Cleary were involved in the hackings and denial-of-service attacks on the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service, the CIA, Sony, and Nintendo services. Together with the other two alleged LulzSwec members, they are claimed to be involved in the extraction of PSN-Member user data from Sony servers, which forced Sony to take down the Playstation Network for about four weeks until security of the data could once-again be assured.

Cleary is wanted in the United States for having provided other hackers access to hijacked computer-networks, which were subsequently used in a digital attack on the Pentagon. It is unclear whether extradition for Cleary has been requested by the United States, though Cleary’s attorney has stated she would object to extradition on the basis that her client is autistic.