sony-commerical-patent 24 Aug

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly

Yahoo is reporting that the inevitable Playstation 4, allegedly codenamed Orbis, will be supporting Sony’s equally rumored Ultra HD 4K Display. 4K Display is a term used in cinematography to describe a resolution with 4000 pixels horizontally. According to the report, both movies and video games will support the 4K display, although this means games must run at 3840×2160, while many current releases still have problems running at 1920×1080.

Around the same time as the above speculation comes a new patentfiled by Sony (discovered by gaming blog GameNMotion), to allow consumer interaction within certain advertisements using Dual Shock, Playstation Move and Playstation Eye technology. The patent shows this type of interaction working with ESPN, Facebook, YouTube, and other services in multiple scenarios.

“A media player coupled to the broadcast or streaming media source identifies the existence of the interactive segment and presents the user with an enhanced and interactive mini-game commercial that can be played with other “viewers” in a common or disperse demographic.” reads the patent, in part.

“Multiple methods for content delivery are provided, including a model where television commercial is inserted within consecutive frames of the television program, and a model where the commercial is overlaid on frames of the television program allowing the user to play the game while the television program is displayed…In a preferred embodiment, the termination of the interactive mini-game commercial is set within a fixed time period commensurate with traditional spot television advertising.”

Sony has yet to release a statement on either rumor.

(Via CVG & VG247)