Painkiller Hell Damnation 16 Aug

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly

NeoGaf users recently unearthed a document that looks very much like an investor’s prospectus from Poland. Roughly translated, the document states that Farm 51 group has acquired an official game development license for the Wii U, and secured a partnership with Nordic Games for production of new titles in the Painkiller franchise for the system.

“The Farm 51 Group has obtained an official game development license for the Wii U, whose premiere is planned in the fourth quarter of 2012.” reads the document in part, “The issuer has taken this action in cooperation with the publisher Nordic Games, with plans involving production and release of new games in the “Painkiller” series for the Wii U.”

This has caused a rise in speculation that such a Painkiller game could indeed be in development for Nintendo’s tablet-driven console, but Farm 51 has issued no response to the rumors. The document can be found in its entirety here (PDF).

(via Side Mission)