Furious 4 Logo 05 Sep

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly

Dealing with the community uproar over the new Brother In Arms‘ departure from the more grounded style that had made the franchise popular, Gearbox has decided it would be best if the game released the more bombastic Furious 4 under a new IP. During PAX 2012, Gearbox announced that Furious 4 has become a game brand of its own, separate from the BiA IP. According to VG247 small hints and in-game tributes will still lossely relate back to the game’s origin in the Brothers in Arms franchise in essence, but outside that will exist entirely on its own.

Not much else is said about the game, other than that they will reveal more details about it once the Gearbox Community Day rolls around on September 15th. Gearbox has clarified that this is not an end to the Brothers In Arms franchise, and that they hope to release new information in the near future. It is unclear whether such a change will delay the game’s release, which was scheduled for sometime late this year.

“Our Pokémon has evolved. It has different powers,” Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford explained.

(via Kotaku)