DukeNukemForever 27 Mar

3D Realms and owner Interceptor Entertainment have responded to Gearbox’s recent lawsuit which alleges trademark and copyright infringement as well as breach of contract against the two companies’ use of the Duke Nukem intellectual property. “On March 17, 2014, 3D Realms filed its answer to the complaint by Gearbox Software in Dallas, Texas,” 3D Realms’ […]

borderlands-2-video-review 23 Sep

Aside from the wonky PC matchmaking, the ammo supply issues, and the lackluster ending, the original Borderlands was a great cooperative experience. And with Borderlands 2 we weren’t expecting much except more of the same. But we got A LOT more of the same. More guns, more ammo, more areas to explore, better music, better […]