Steam Featurebanner 11 Sep

Valve has issued a press release earlier today announcing that the first ten projects submitted on the new Steam Greenlight platform have already reached the required community support, and will be distributed through Steam over the coming months. Each of the ten projects is in a different development stage, but the first titles are expected to go live soon.

The ten games that have already been approved for distribution are  Black MesaCry of FearDreamHeroes & GeneralsKenshiMcPixelNo More Room in HellProject ZomboidRoutine, and Towns.

Steam Greenlight went live on August 30th, and is designed to give users control over which titles make their way onto the digital distribution platform. Though submitting a project to Greenlight was initially available free of charge, Valve was forced to implement a $100 fee following a large number of non-legitimate submissions. All proceeds from this fee will be donated to Child’s Play.